What is the purpose of the Institute?

The purpose of the Virginia CHC Leadership Institute is to equip CHC leaders to meet the challenges and opportunities of CHC management in a value-driven health care environment.  The rationale for this mission is that Virginia CHCs will continue to face both challenges and opportunities as the health care system evolves in response to changes in Medicare, Medicaid, FAMIS, the Virginia Health Insurance Marketplace, health plan strategies, employer health strategies, state policies, HRSA policies, and most importantly, the needs of Virginia communities.  It is imperative that CHC leaders are equipped to lead and manage effectively in this turbulent environment.

Who is the Institute for?

The Institute is for experienced and emerging leaders in both clinical and administrative positions, as well as CHC board leaders.  The Institute encourages participation by teams from each CHC in an effort to maximize the impact at each organization.

What kind of content will be provided?

The core content of the Institute will include the Virginia CHC Value Model plus best practice knowledge & tools for clinical carehealth center management, and community partnership.  All of this content will be directly tied to specific objectives of the Association members.

How will content be developed?

Content will be developed by Institute staff based on the expressed interests and priorities of Association members.  As illustrated in the graphic, we encourage you to request best practice research on particular topics.  This can be done through the Virginia CHC Learning Institute Survey and through the Support form on this site. The staff team will then conduct research and deliver learning supports so that you can implement the best practices that make sense for your organization.

How will the content be organized?

The content will be organized and managed into defined modules that can be directed toward specific audiences.  This type of knowledge management will be essential for assuring that the Institute is able to efficiently respond to the needs of specific audience segments (e.g. executive leaders, clinical leaders).  It will also allow the Association to develop a growing knowledge base on CHC best practices that can be repeatedly deployed for new Institute members.

What are the learning supports?

Learning supports for the Institute will include a combination of group learning sessions, topical webinars, direct technical assistance, and online support resources.  This blended design will support learning while maximizing reach and reducing travel costs.

Who provides the staff support and expertise? 

Staff support will be provided by the Association staff team with assistance from The University of Richmond.  Our role is to identify and deliver best practice knowledge and expertise in response to your interests.  Topical expertise will be identified from Virginia and beyond based on the topic.   Our first source of expertise is the Association membership. Additional Virginia-based expertise will be obtained from within the Association staff, other health care organizations, state policy leaders, think tanks, academia, and other organizations.  Experts from beyond Virginia will be identified as needed from among acknowledged experts in specific topics areas, as well staff from high performing CHCs in other states.

How will the Virginia CHC Leadership Institute align with other initiatives?

Our goal is to assure that the Virginia CHC Leadership Institute aligns with other initiatives such as the Home Improvement Project for PCMH, the Heart of Virginia Healthcare Cooperative, and other initiatives pursued by the Association or its members.