2018-19 Leadership Learning Program

The Virginia CHC Leadership Institute is hosting a third year of the unique Leadership Learning Program for both experienced and emerging leaders in Virginia CHCs. This page provides an overview of the program and links to key resources.

A Responsive Program

  • The Association has developed the Leadership Learning Program in response to feedback and requests from Association members.
  • The program will be delivered over a 9-month period from October 2018 through June 2019, concluding with a certificate of completion for each participant, and continuing education credit for clinicians completing selected activities.
  • The program will be unique for its team focusbest practice content, and action learning format.
  • Expected outcomes for participants include better team and organizational performance, as well as enhanced individual professional development.

A Team Focus

  • The Leadership Learning Program will serve teams of leaders from Virginia CHCs.
  • Each CHC is invited to send a team of experienced and emerging leaders from clinical care, administration, and the board.
  • This team approach will allow CHCs to maximize learning and action within the organization.

A Best Practice Orientation

  • Participating teams will learn and share best practices for addressing real problems and opportunities.
  • Best practice content will be focused on leadership fundamentals, demonstrating value, clinical best practicesmanagement best practices, and community best practices.
  • Expert faculty will be engaged to deliver focused learning modules in each area.

An Action Learning Format

Participating teams will be supported to both learn and take action.

  • Learning Sessions. The format will include three onsite group learning events to be held in October 2018, February 2019, and June 2019.
  • Action Periods.  During the ‘action periods’ between learning sessions, participating teams will be expected to apply what they have learned by implementing a team Capstone’ Project in response to an actual challenge or opportunity.  Each team will report on lessons learned from their capstone experience through a ‘teach-back’ presentation at the final learning session.
  • Action Learning Supports.  Each team will be supported with coaching and technical assistance from Association staff and CHS staff. Teams will also have access to an online learning portal with best practice knowledge and tools to support team learning and action.

Expected Outcomes

As a result of participating in the 2018-19 Leadership Learning Program, participating teams will be better equipped to:

  • Work individually and as a team as to help their CHC achieve its mission and goals;

  • Demonstrate the value their CHC delivers to the community it serves;

  • Understand the evolving health care system and implications for CHC management;
  • Engage in collaborative leadership with CHC staff and peer organizations;
  • Lead implementation of best practices in the clinical setting, management setting, or community setting (depending on choice of learning track); and

  • Manage their personal and professional growth as CHC leaders and team members.

Continuing Education

There will be Continuing Education credits available for clinicians who participate in the Virginia CHC Leadership Institute sessions and webinars:

  • CME credits for MD, DO, PA, NP through VCU
  • Nursing credits through the VNA
  • Dentists: CME Category 1 credits are accepted by the Board of Dentistry

Presentation Video Recordings 

Password to view: conference2019

  • CHC leaders and their teams work hard every day to create positive impact for the people you serve.
  • Creating positive impact requires positive leadership to help people feel connected and supported as they work together to accomplish the mission.
  • It can help to have a model and a set of strategies for practicing positive leadership.
  • In this webinar we:
    • Introduced Elevation as a digital learning community for practicing positive leadership.
    • Demonstrated how to apply the Elevation practices for a particular initiative by introducing a practice guide for leading PCMH development.
  • Our hope is that the practice guide and the Elevation resources will help you optimize your leadership practice and elevate your team.
  • We also invite you to share the webinar resources with everyone in your organization.
  • Resources:

Carsten Frey, DDS of Eastern Shore Rural Health spoke about his team’s experience in the 2017-18 CHC Leadership Institute Learning Program, focusing on their Capstone Project and how the project evolved over time.

The Agenda and Speaker Information for Session 2 can be viewed below.

10:00 AM

Leadership Insight: Unconscious Bias in Team Development and Patient Care

View Presentation (Password to view: training19)

11:30 AM

Fundamentals of Succession Planning

View Presentation (Password to view: training19)

12:30 PM

Lunch and Networking

1:15 PM

Team Capstone Workshop

2:00 PM


2:15 PM

DiSC Insights for Team Development

View Presentation (Password to view: training19)

4:15 PM

Positive Impact Skills

4:30 PM

Evaluation and Adjourn

In the March 26, 2019 webinar, we invited each team to share their Capstone Project and one breakthrough. A breakthrough can be large or small; think of it as any solution or innovation you used to solve a challenge. We had 23 participants from the 9 teams on this webinar, in addition to support staff from the Association and CHS. Here is a listing of the breakthroughs we heard during this webinar organized into two overlapping categories of team engagement and patient support.  Which of these breakthroughs might be helpful for your team?

The topic of the May 7th Webinar was “Spreading Change and Sustaining Momentum.” Review the following resources and materials including:

Recommended Resources

Diffusion of Innovations, 5th Edition. In this seminal book on how innovations are diffused (or spread) in organizations, Everett M. Rogers described evidence-based strategies for designing and spreading innovations in ways that increase the likelihood that they will be adopted.  This work informs Steps 3, 7, and 8 of this practice guide.

The Hexagon: An Exploration Tool. National Implementation Research Network.   The Hexagon Tool is a widely used tool for assessing whether a program or practice is a good fit for an organization.  The Hexagon Tool is the basis for the six factors in organizational fit as outlined in Step 6 of this practice guide.

Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change, Second Edition.  This book leads you through “robust strategies for making change inevitable in your personal life, your business, and your world.”

Please take advantage of the wealth of resources available through this portal!

Positive Impact – Essential Skills for Mission-Driven Professionals