Virginia CHC University

CHCU is envisioned as a statewide learning and development institute for CHC staff and board members, with a strategic focus on establishing Virginia CHCs as value leaders for health care and community impact. In the following sections we outline the strategic aims, design principles, and learning tracks for CHCU.

The Purpose

  • CHCU will provide training and support to help CHC professionals and board members strengthen their organizations and establish CHCs as value leaders in health care and community impact.
  • The rationale is that Virginia CHCs can gain a strategic advantage in the marketplace by demonstrating the extraordinary value they provide for the patients and communities they serve.
  • This purpose will guide the design and delivery of each learning activity and resource in CHCU.


Learning Tracks

CHCU will offer four distinctive but thematically aligned learning tracks for executives, managers & supervisors, early-career professionals, and board members.  The learning design for each track will be guided by the core theme of CHCs as value leaders in health care and community impact. This thematic design will help assure that participating CHC professionals are learning and implementing strategies that are conceptually consistent and relevant for their organizations.