CHS PCMH Knowledge Base

The CHS PCMH Knowledge Base is a database of hundreds of documentation examples, frequently asked questions, tools and resources relevant to health centers’ PCMH development.

Many of these documentation examples and tools were developed for prior version of the NCQA PCMH program, but the content is still pertinent. We crosswalked these resources to the redesigned PCMH program (first released in 2017), and display those in the table below. Therefore, this database only shows resources that are relevant to the redesigned PCMH program. Search the CHS PCMH KB (using the form to the right) by:

  • Category (e.g. Documentation Examples, FAQs)
  • PCMH Criteria (e.g. KM1)
  • Keyword

Select your search criteria in the form, then click SUBMIT. Scroll down to view the search results. Leave the search form blank to browse the entire database.

Click here to load this Caspio Online Database.
Click here to load this Caspio Online Database.