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COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs

Carousel Instagram Posts

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Post 1- Vaccine Price

Post 2- Is it Safe?

Post 3- How Many Shots?

Twitter/Facebook- FAQs Posts


Fact Sheets

Quick Facts: Virginia Community Health Centers & COVID-19



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CDC and FDA Talking Points about the Pause Use of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine

CDC: Vaccination Communication Toolkit

CDC: Vaccinate with Confidence

CDC: Community-Based Organization COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit

CDC: Making a Strong Recommendation for COVID-19 Vaccination

CDC: Ensuring COVID-19 Vaccine Safety in the US


HHS: COVID-19 Public Education Campaign

HHS: COVID-19 Care for Uninsured Individuals



HRSA Patient Fact Sheet (English  | Spanish)

HRSA Provider Fact Sheet (English  |  Spanish)

HRSA Sample Social Media Messages:

Please help us to amplify these resources made available today using the attached graphics, fact sheet links and sample languages below:

  • Healthcare providers cannot bill patients for #COVID19 vaccines/fees. They may only bill health plans 4 #COVID19 vaccine fees if patients are insured/ @HRSAgov if patients are uninsured. See the facts [LINK to provider fact sheet] [Use graphic]
  • Got the #COVID19 vaccine & received a bill afterwards? You should not have. Providers cannot bill patients for #COVID19 vaccine fees. Learn the facts [LINK to provider fact sheet] [use graphics]  
  • Uninsured? Need to protect yourself from #COVID19? @Hrsagov may pay your doctor/hospital 100% of the cost of #COVID19 services like testing, treatment & vaccine fees. [LINK to patient fact sheet] [Use graphic]
  • It’s important to remember: everyone in the U.S. can receive COVID-19 vaccines, regardless of immigration status. Here are the facts [LINK to patient fact sheet in English & Spanish] [Use graphic]
  • Getting your COVID-19 vaccine? It’s free regardless of your immigration status. You do not need to show proof of insurance or an ID if you do not have it. You also shouldn’t receive a bill after your vaccination. Learn the facts here: [LINK].


Health Center Resource Clearinghouse COVID-19 Resources


National Association of Community Health Centers Communications Toolkit for Health Center Staff

National Association of Community Health Centers: Health Center Materials for Promoting Vaccination

National Association of Community Health Centers: COVID-19 Vaccine Social Media Resources Outreach Materials



COVID-19 and the Legacy of Racism: Vaccine Hesitancy and Treatment Bias

HHS: COVID-19 Vaccine Update | How Vaccines are Developed




Language that Works to Improve Vaccine Acceptance

Public Health Institute: Communicating about the COVID-19 Vaccines: Guidance and Sample Messages for Public Health Practitioners



FamiliesUSA Digital Toolkit: COVID-19 Related Resources


Children's Resources:

Sesame Street: Caring for Each Other

Sesame Street: Coping With COVID-19: A "For-Now" Normal

Sesame Street: The ABCs of COVID-19 A CNN/Sesame Street Town Hall for Families


Educational Videos:

Black Coalition Against COVID-19: COVID-19 Health Resources


Hip Hop Public Health


Greater Than COVID-THE CONVERSATION: Between Us, About Us kicks off with an open and honest conversation between W. Kamau Bell and Black doctors, nurses and researchers that gets to the heart of Black people’s questions about the COVID-19 vaccines. This new campaign from KFF’s Greater Than COVID and the Black Coalition Against COVID launches with 50 FAQs designed to dispel misinformation and provide accessible facts about the vaccines from Black health care workers.



NPR Life Kit: Talking With People in Your Life Hesitant About the Coronavirus Vaccine

NPR Life Kit: What Can (And Can't) Do After the Vaccine

NPR Short Wave: Coronavirus Vaccine Q&A: Variants, Side Effects, And More