About PCMH

Patient Centered Medical Home is a way of practicing primary care that is truly focused on delivering the best quality care to the patient. PCMH provides the patient with more access to their provider. It encourages patients to interact with their providers and have more say in their treatment.

  • PCMH is a model of care that works toward increasing patient access to primary care, improving patient outcomes, and lowering costs through streamlining care.
  • PCMH recognition is available for primary care practices through the National Committee for
    Quality Assurance, Joint Commission, Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC), and Accreditation Association For Ambulatory Healthcare
  • Organizations such as the Health Resources and Services Administration and the Centers for Medicare/ Medicaid Services have released incentive programs for health centers to participate in a PCMH recognition program
  • 92% of Virginia health centers have received PCMH recognition as of June 2022.
  • The majority of Virginia’s federally qualified health centers (FQHC) are pursuing patient centered medical home recognition with the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, there are five key components of the patient-centered medical home model:

Element Description
Patient-Centered The PCMH supports patients in learning to manage and organize their own care based on their preferences, and ensures that patients, families, and caregivers are fully included in the development of their care plans. It also encourages them to participate in quality improvement, research, and health policy efforts.
Comprehensive The PCMH offers whole-person care from a team of providers that is accountable for the patient’s physical and behavioral health needs, including prevention and wellness, acute care, and chronic care.
Coordinated The PCMH ensures that care is organized across all elements of the broader health care system, including specialty care, hospitals, home health care, community services, and long-term care supports.
Accessible The PCMH delivers accessible services with shorter waiting times, enhanced in-person hours, 24/7 electronic or telephone access, and alternative methods of communication through health information technology (HIT).
Committed to Quality and Safety The PCMH demonstrates commitment to quality improvement and the use of data and health information technology (HIT) and other tools to assist patients and families in making informed decisions about their health.