Accelerated Renewal to Redesigned PCMH

Health centers who achieved recognition in PCMH 2011 at Level 1, 2 or 3, or PCMH 2014 at Level 1 or 2 may pursue Accelerated Renewal under the redesigned PCMH program (2017 – ). These practices may attest to meeting certain criteria without providing all the evidence required of practices seeking recognition for the first time. Those criteria not eligible for “attestation” will be submitted for review according to the documentation and evidence requirements outlined by NCQA.

PCMH 2014 Level 3 Practices: If you are a PCMH 2014 Level 3 practice, you may bypass submission of evidence for criteria under the new process entirely and skip directly to the Annual Reporting part of recognition. Do this by enrolling in Q-PASS. Annual Reporting begins 30 days prior to the expiration of your current recognition cycle. This date becomes your anniversary date. You provide annual reporting data by this date each year. NCQA assigns your practice a representative after you enroll in Q-PASS. Your representative can answer your questions and provide more detail about next steps.

Keep reading this post to learn more.  Download this table from NCQA to see which criteria are eligible for attestation vs. review.

The CHS PCMH Tracker – Accelerated Renewal (version 5, updated 7.31.19)

CHS created a version of the CHS PCMH Tracker that is tailored for Accelerated Renewal. Practices will still use the Q-PASS system to submit documentation and statements of attestation to NCQA. This Tracker is an intermediary step to aid PCMH development, organizational management and planning.

The CHS PCMH Tracker for Accelerated Renewal (updated 7.31.19). Note: NCQA Standards and Guidelines v.6 published in July 2020 changed minimally.  This version of the tracker is still applicable.

Instructions for Attestation in Q-PASS system

Once in the Q-PASS system, for criteria marked “Attestation,” all you have to do is attest that your practice is still performing PCMH activities in these criteria. You will not need to demonstrate documentation or evidence. For each attestable criterion, practices enter a title into the text box, label the name as Accelerated Renewal—Attestation, and enter the text below:

“Our practice achieved PCMH [201X] Level [X] recognition as a patient-centered medical home. We attest that our responses reflect our practice’s current operations. Documentation to support these responses will be provided upon request.”

You will not need to manually enter the attestation text for each criterion. After you enter the Attestation for the first criteria, you may select “Link Evidence” and type the title Accelerated Renewal into the text box for additional attestable criterion.