We asked asked health centers about promising practices for maintaining PCMH at their organization. We have listed ideas shared from Virginia CHCs below. Review these ideas and consider whether one or more may be a strategic fit at your organization.

We always welcome additional ideas. Click here to submit your idea or approach.

1) Designate one team member who owns the PCMH program. This person may not be responsible for all the maintenance tasks but instead may delegate the requirements to other team members.

2) Print off and provide PCMH policy notebooks for the team/offices.

3) Team communication – explain the rationale for changes as it relates to being a patient-centered medical home. We have an “All Hands Staff Meeting” every other month; provider and clinical team meetings are bimonthly, leadership meetings are weekly; QI meetings are monthly.

4) New Team Onboarding – new employees meet with the PCMH designated team member for an introduction and review of the PCMH program via powerpoint as part of his/her orientation program. The review is tailored to the new employee’s position. 5) Development of a PCMH spreadsheet to assist with tracking.

6) Integrated the eCW PCMH Analytical tool (note: we have found that the tool is not perfect).

7) Data infrastructure – leadership recognized the vital need for a designated position that strengthens the health center’s data infrastructure. We now have 2 team members in this role – one of which is a RN – it is vital that the team member has a clinical background and IT interests. Title ” Clinical IT/Process Improvement Coordinator.

8) 2017 – HCHC QI plan redesigned to follow the PCMH program format – standards, elements, factors.

9) Our main strategy was adding PCMH elements to our Quality Improvement committee so that we can keep PCMH at the forefront and to catch any issues at our meetings before they get to far out of hand.

10) We continue to educate the staff on the requirements of PCMH by including a PCMH focus as part of the huddle in two-week increments. This allows staff an opportunity to understanding that particular Standard, Element, and Factor and how it relates to their position and to the patients. The new focus is sent out every two-weeks.

11) We have a PCMH Team that meets every 2 weeks (on weekly based on what review needs are) which address the elements & requirements & how to best meet them. This team implements bring process change suggestions forward to management for implementation, monitoring &/or adjustment as needed to fit the organization needs & PCMH certification requirements.