Nuts and Bolts of New Recognition Webinar 

April 9, 2019

What We Discussed:

A. Brief Overview of 2017 NCQA Process

B. Steps for New Recognition:

  1. Convene a PCMH Development Team
  2. Schedule Regular PCMH Development Meetings
  3. Complete a Readiness Assessment
  4. Action Plan based on Readiness Assessment
  5. Develop a Goal, Workplan, and Timeline
  6. Begin Implementation
    • Submit Notice of Intent to HRSA (tell them that you plan on applying – this will trigger a notice to NCQA)
    • Register for Q-PASS
    • Explore pre-validation – contact your EHR vendor for a list of “autocredits”
    • Transform
    • Consult resources on
  7. Track Progress and Re-Assess Status