Video Library and Training Slides on PCMH v5 Guidelines

All materials on this post were prepared for and presented at the October 16, 2019 Streamlined PCMH Training.

Materials are based on NCQA PCMH v5 Standards and Guidelines, published in July 2019. Note: NCQA Standards and Guidelines v.6.1 published in January 2021 and version 7 published in July 2021 changed minimally, so materials presented below continue to reflect the current standards.

Password to View Videos: pcmh19

Team-Based Care and Practice Organization (TC)

Patient Centered Access and Continuity (AC)

Performance and Quality Improvement (QI)

Knowing and Managing Your Patients (KM)

Care Management and Support (CM)

Coordinating Care and Care Transitions (CC)

Password to View Videos: pcmh19

The NCQA PCMH Program – Key Highlights

Next Steps and PCMH Support Resources